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What is a free, sustainable new world lifestyle? 

Well, we already live in a "new World".

The new Normal means:

we accept, tolerate or

give in to: being tracked, jabbed, controlled, restricted, devided, isolated, monitored, penalized, blamed... 

While we are still wondering about right or wrong, whole industries already work on chipping us and preparing us for the future, in strange ways, like expropriation or hitting us with untraceable cryptocurrencies.

While there may be advantages to all of that, I do want to raise awareness for the soft skills needed to transition into the future. Sustainability gets a whole new meaning.

We are still human, we have wants and needs and we need to regenerate, stop and renew.




Steve Jobbs once said:

"The people, who are crazy enough to believe, they can change the world, are the ones,

who do."

I do not think I can change the world, but with your help we can shape and create and be part of the solution, without being overruled or overpowered.

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This is no place for

hard-wired conformers. This is a peaceful movement, trying to adapt to upcoming changes in a holistic & sustainable way, guarding freedom of speech & freedom in general. We are humanity.





The Free your mind-start being! Blog is the opportunity of a lifetime to liberate, consolidate and share, my best tried and true tools for living as well as some visioneering & design ideas. In an uncertain world we always have the opportunity to create safe havens, whether it is our own backyard, our home or the space in our heads. Cleaning up, letting go and making room for the new is a universal pattern.Get inspired, just click the Blog button. 




If you own a business and need some problem solving skills or creative input, this is the place. It is a great pleasure for me to stick heads together, show you how a creative really thinks and empower you to develop your own visioneering, business and creative talents & strategies. I am an avantgarde fashion designer, product manager & entrepreneur of one of Germanys top 50 family owned businesses, I own my own coaching practice, am a cancer survivor and a mother of 3. I have worked and lived in 4 Countries and traveled the world for garments and fabrics. I write Short stories and a blog. I am fluent in English, French & German. Send your  Speaker or Visioneer     e-mail Application now.

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